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creativity festival

the cocreation of a collaborative dream

Quinta Ten Chi is an epicenter for the transformation of humanity. 

From Ego to Eco, we listen to the universe’s emergent future songs to tune in with our hearts, heads and hands and be conscious co-creators of a world of peace, abundance and love.

We take time to listen to our bodies, each other and nature. 

We thrive collectively and inspire others to flourish in collaboration and celebration of diversity.

 As Sarah Yip, scientist turned astrologer, says “The answer to war isn’t peace. It’s creativity.”

What is creativity? 

The first definition we find on the web is: the use of imagination or original ideas to create something; inventiveness. 

And that seems only to move the question to a different level:
– what is imagination and what are original ideas?
– Where do the things that we never imagined come from?
– Are they something born in the head of an individual person? Or belong to a different level of explanation?

How you look at these questions can really change your perspective on life and on what is necessary to allow creativity.

Upcoming Festival 2024

We are following Chinese Astrology to shape the themes of our festival.
2022 we had invited you to “Ride the Water Tiger”, this year it was  time to “Leaping with heARTs”, and in 2024 we will follow the Wooden Dragon into deep waters of collective Creativity!


Our 3 levels of contributions:

How can you cocreate with us?


Creative Camps

Creative Camps are rooted in the culture of Burning Man. We offer the space and support for you to bring your dream to life! 

Joining a creative camp can be a collective or individual action and will give you the opportunity to bring something to full manifestation, being it a space for people to practice, sleep, sit, eat or a simple act of beauty in Nature. 

It can be a
… builded structure
… an art installation
… an explorative field
… an art project
… dance, art or performance residency
… or another creative space – write us your idea!

Open call for individuals and groups!
Doors for Co-Creators open the 03.07.2023

WOrkshops & Program

QTC will be the container for practices that encourage introspection, presence, connection with Nature and the unfolding of Creativity. 

If you have a workshop, class, talk or activity that you wish to share in the festival – here is the place for you to come in.

Creative Participation

Last but not least are the people that come to join the festival bringing their unique contributions. The Creativity Festival is a no Spectators zone. Even if you buy your ticket at the door you will be invited to share yourself joyfully, playfully and creatively!

Our Approach: Theory U

QTC perspective, rooted in Theory U, suggests that a truly creative act, at any level, starts from a process of introspection – at either individual or collective level. Where does the person, or system, see the world from? What preconceptions do he/she/they bring to the process? AND then be able to let go of what we already know – coming to a place of Presence in which we are Sensing what wants to emerge (Presencing). This process invites first our mind, then our heart and will to open up and from this empty space of surrendering to the Unknown, see what seeds are ready to be sown…..
Looked at from this perspective Creativity feels much less like a private endeavor of a gifted individual or group, and more a way of Being that allows anyone to connect with what wants to Emerge at each moment. And if Creativity is, like Yip suggests, the true response to War, we can dream of a world in which each individual is supported and encouraged to allow creative contributions to flow! Creativity Festival is that world!

Creativity Festival -

a world in which each individual is supported & encouraged to allow creative contributions to flow

It is a yearly event happening at Quinta Ten Chi, inspired by Burning Man and inviting collective creativity. 

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Let's cocreate the world we are dreaming of!


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