• Summer Retreat August 10th to 13th 2023
    • Fall Retreat September 21st to 24th 2023
    • Winter Retreat November 16th to 19th 2023




We open the “portal” on Thursday at 4 pm with an informal welcome tea

We close on Sunday at 2 pm 

We invite you to enter the magical forest of Quinta Ten Chi – overlooking the beautiful mountain of the Moon in Sintra

We are embedded in a culture of fear,  Covid, Wars, Global Warming, Serial killers and Psycho nannies, that contributes to create a deep sense of disconnection from ourself, others and Nature. 

How do we rediscover our interconnectedness? 

How do we feel again our place in the large dream of the world? 

We invite you to find, together, our way home, to our body, to our nature, to our Self.

We will engage in a playful and deep U journey of prototyping our Self, embodying our intentions, stuck places, through the support of the wisdom of Nature, cultivating the connection of the heart with Art and Beauty.

We will softly reconnect through Silence. From Friday morning to Sunday afternoon you will be invited to practice Noble Silence, keeping the focus on ourself, on our inner state and quieting the mind.  

Engaging in deep practices like walking and sitting meditations, Social Presencing Theater, somatic explorations, Medicine walks and more, we start remembering our being Nature, listening through the infinite sensitivity of our body/antenna, to the melody coming through the  green portal of Quinta Ten Chi.

We propose you different ways of being in connection with your deeper Self, so that you can dive into silence, quiet down the business of these times and listen to what truly wants to emerge from and through you.

During this time we invite you to be away from your devices and being in silence with yourself, your body, thoughts and feelings.

It will be a journey of finding our centre through practices that come from different traditions, and at the same time all point to the same place – the place that is still, silent, unchangeable and “source” of all that manifests in the visible world, the NOW.

Bring an open mind, heart and will to dive deeply into the endless possibilities of each moment.

To participate a basic knowledge of Social Presencing Theater can be an advantage.

For registration fill in this form. We are looking forward to practice with you!

Anne Sophie Dubanton, Antje Schwarze and Rita Venturini are the cocreators of this event. We are all Social Presencing Theater Advanced Practioners, trained in Theory U, Systemic thinking and mindfulness traditions. Paul Bush has also joined the Facilitators team.

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