LEAVE YOUR TRACE is starting 
September 7th 2022


The next edition of “Leave your Trace” will start on the 7th of September and go on until the Riding the Water Tiger 2 festival on October 1st and 2nd 2022.

Leave your trace experimenting and empowering your creativity and action!

Join us for a co-creative journey where you will be guided through a process, inspired by Theory U and by the land of Quinta Ten Chi “where sky and heaven meet”. This will be a time for exploring your creative impulse and what emerged from the land. It will end with a co-created weekend Riding the Water Tiger 2 – Creativity Festival, where you will have the opportunity to offer your creation to the public.

In all explorations, you are asked to connect and listen to what Nature wants to see happening, both inner and outer Nature. The good news – you are not alone on this journey – you will experience a creative collaboration with other participants. Everybody brings a unique set of experiences, talents and ideas, nourishing each other, and by coming together we are unleashing the hidden and unknown potential. This happens with a lot of Social Presencing Theater, Meditation, Visual Sensing and art on all its forms. It is a call for creatives of all paths and forms that love playing with atmospheres of transformation!

Bring an idea to the land of Quinta Ten Chi or let it emerge from the field!

Would you like to find a beautiful spot in Nature and make it your home? At least for a little while?

Do you like playing and tinkering with upcycling?

Would you like to co-create a Playground for Presence, weaving Nature, beauty and experiences that bring us close to our body, our direct manifestation of Gaia?

Quinta Ten Chi can contribute to this adventure with up-cycling natural material, stones, wood, and also some bits and bobs. An opportunity to nest, shimmer your bright feathers, and call your tribe home to celebrate your unique contribution to the world. 


Your Intention and the land of Quinta Ten Chi

What will you leave? 

This experience is an opportunity to co-create your space, a camp, a home, an atmosphere woven into the fabric of Ten Chi, through a Journey with heArt, which will support you to find what you and this magical land can create together! 

Leave your trace!

Methods & Practices

We will practice Social Presencing Theater, Contact Improvisation and other movement approaches that bring awareness to the body, our home, so that we can be in tune with the land and co-manifest effortlessly and playfully.

Social Presencing Theater Morning practice – This practices are what builds our soil – the social field in which we are supported to take time to listen, to yourself, to others and to Nature. Let’s play with possibilities and share the beauty shining in our eyes.

Together we will care for the land, listen to the whispers of the emergent future, and create a fun playground.

Here you can read the article about the 1st edition of Welcome Home – leave your trace week.


Apply as a person or in a group to cocreate your dreams into reality and the lands of Quinta Ten Chi. Either you here the calling to build up a space from collected & upcycled materials to create some magic for your tribe, or is it an experience that wants to be expressed within a performance. 

Riding the Water Tiger invites you for a wide range of creative expression. 

We are looking forward to receive your ideas and if there is not already something to share, your intention of participation. 

Please fill in this form & we will get back to you as soon as possible! 

Let’s build something beautiful together!

Your Quinta Ten Chi Family

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